Our Job is to create the obscure, to push boundaries and tap into the unique, weird and wonderful materials of nature. We work to transform flowers and other mediums, giving them new life.


Each design is specifically created for our clients, we love to embrace your unique magic and express this through a tailored concept that reflects YOU! So tell me everything!!!


Our florals are very different, they can go from very moody and dark to very bright and crazy (a little like us, haha). We treat every job as a piece of art that reflects our style and of course the beautiful people we create for. Due to our specific style a minimum spend must be reached of $2500, excluding set up and pack down. Before quotes are given we LOVE to meet potential clients so we can get to know each other and see what we are both vibin'! After we chat over coffee (and/or wine), a formal quote and a contract is designed for you, making sure we are both on the same page.


Once the formal quote is given and everyone is happy, a 30% non-refundable booking fee is needed to secure your date. The contract will need to be signed at this point. Then it’s all systems go!


Image By We Are All Stardust