It me, Eden 🦄

Interior Architect turned Floral Designer
I am a solid pizza eater 🍕 and wine 🍷 drinker. My favourite hobby is to eat peanut butter 🥜 out of the jar with a teaspoon and then try work it all off at the gym, pumping iron, you know, Arnold style.

I love glitter and sparkles, sneakers and skirts and you will never catch me without some sort of statement earring (although in this picture I am not wearing any, sigh*)!

Floral design was first a creative outlet for me. I spent most hours in front of a computer and needed design in real time and to create with my hands!

Every piece I create comes from my heart and my mind. Every design is a piece of me in flower form…

So if you wanna piece of me… LET’S CHAT!

Image by Christine Lim